Make your faith yours (Part 02)

In part two we looked at the first, and most important thing that we need to do to make our faith ours, that is to actually surrender to Jesus and to make that decision for ourselves. I pray that, if you took that step, then you are already feeling the results of such a decision.... Continue Reading →


Is Your Faith Yours?

A few weeks ago I heard some speakers say something that really resonated with me, and seems to be a theme in the lives of many of the people that I talk to - often we can struggle to make our faith our own. This is true especially if we grow up in a Christian... Continue Reading →

Success (Part 02)

What Jesus' Life Tells Us About Success So, we’ve had a look at how we often define success these days. Usually it is be rich and famous, unless you’re a Christian, then it is be rich and famous - for Jesus! The interesting thing about this is that we often think that Jesus was rich... Continue Reading →

Success!!! (Part 01)

You know, we often are told that we need to be successful, that we need to do well, and that we need to be… well… successful (read rich, powerful, famous, in charge). But I really want to ask the question, what does that mean when you look at it from the perspective of someone inside... Continue Reading →

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