War (Part 5)

My question to us, myself included, is why do we have to resort to war? Why is that even on the table? As followers of a crucified God why are we contemplating violence against our enemies? As one person put it, it’s really hard to love your enemies when you’re sticking a sword in them! Jesus... Continue Reading →

War (Part 4)

So, we're jumping forward to the time of Jesus, and I know I’m skipping over a lot of history here, but I want to finish one whole series on the blog! and I want to look at what Jesus lays down for us as Christians, those who would follow after him. Jesus first addresses the issue in... Continue Reading →

War (Part 3)

So, where did we get to with this? RIGHT! We finished last time by saying how God opens our imaginations to see a response other than violence to the injustice of the world. Let's move on from the story of Cain and look at a couple of other examples from the Old Testament (OT). One... Continue Reading →

War (Part 2)

So, we're back to look at this difficult topic again. How is it possible, with all of the seemingly God-ordered, God-ordained violence that we see in the Old Testament, that we can make a case for a position of peace, of non-violence? Well, we are going to start by taking a look at some of... Continue Reading →

War – One Christian’s Thoughts

Let's look at a controversial topic, because why not? The subject of war is a divisive one, even, or perhaps especially, in the Christian Church. It seems to be such an emotional subject, and perhaps it is tied to our modern sense of justice or 'rightness', but we seem to be unable to let go... Continue Reading →

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