The name “The Lazy Heretic” may seem like a strange title for a Christian blog, but it grew out of a conversation that I was having with one of the members of our congregation. I was telling him that, essentially, it is too much effort for me to stop following Jesus, to disbelieve in the God that I have devoted my life too. For me to have experienced all that I have of Him, to have come as far as I have, and then to turn around and say that it was all fake: that takes too much effort. I told him that I’m just too lazy to be a heretic, I’ve used up all my energy in following Jesus, and so to do any different just isn’t worth it. He immediately coined the term ‘Lazy Heretic’, and so when it came time to choose a name for the blog, what else was there?

My actual name is Jason, and I’m an associate pastor in Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand – way at the bottom of the world. I have been a Christian since I was seventeen years old, and have been following along behind Jesus ever since. I have studied at bible college, gaining a diploma, and bachelors degree in theology, working in ministry for the past 15 years in youth, kids, and young adults ministry.

My prayer is that you will be uplifted and encouraged, challenged and provoked here at this blog. Feel free to get in contact with me here, I’d love to hear from you!

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