Mindful Breathing

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an article, but I’ve been working on something pretty special, and I hope to be able to let you know about it soon!

For now, we continue our look at the three tips that came out of our last article on habits “Why We Must Be Silent – The Lazy Heretic”. The first was unplugging from the virtual world – you can find that article here – Why We Must Unplug – The Lazy Heretic. The second was the need to cultivate some mindfulness, here is that one if you want to check it out – Mindfulness – The Lazy Heretic.

The last one is a very simple meditative exercise that can help to declutter your mind and really prepare you to hear from God. Now, I just want to make it clear that I am not advocating an Eastern understanding of meditation in the sense that we are trying to empty our mind to reach enlightenment from within, nor am I advocating that we try to disconnect from who we are in order to let God speak to us. What we need to realise is that God created each one of us personally, and He desires that we get to know Him.

It is in this getting to know Him that our false self – that is the self that we have built up over the years to impress others, the one that is our creation and not God’s – that will be dismantled, but our true selves, the ones which He has created and named, those will come to the surface. It is that process that I have been describing in these posts, that is why we cultivate habits, to kill the false self so that the real us can shine through, and that person can be nourished and cultivated by a life-giving relationship with God.

So, back to the topic at hand. The way that we should use mindful breathing is to simply calm our thought – which, if we’re honest, are often racing – and prepare us to enter that place where we can put aside some of our worries and come to God ready to hear from Him.

That’s all.

Nothing more than a preparation for our time with Him.

So how do we practice it?

Well, it’s actually rather simple.

You pick something to focus on as you do it – a lot of people pick their breath, because that’s what you’ll be doing – but it could be anything at all, the idea is to have something to focus on for the duration of the exercise.

Let’s say that you decided to focus on your breath.

All you are going to do is breath deeply in and out for a set amount of time – anywhere from one to ten minutes – and focus on where your breath is going as it journeys in to and out of your body.

Just breathe in…

And breathe out…

Your mind will want to wander around, but you need to force it to focus on your breath.

Once your time is up, you’re done!


As I said earlier, you want to use this as preparation for your time with God, so you’ll want to follow up your breathing with a devotional or some scripture reading to take advantage of the lack of intruding thoughts!

Question: How will you incorporate this practice into your tine with God? Where will it fit into your day?

Featured image credit:
Jordan Stewart

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