A How of Habits 03

One of the things that I hope you will have caught from these last few blog posts is the idea that in order to really grow and develop in our faith we need to slow down.

Let me go on one of my notorious excursus here, and talk about why this is such an important part of our faith.


We don’t often think of the Christian faith as anything special. But we forget that the foundations of the faith, and people who live it out without fear, and with deep conviction, are actually some of the most revolutionary people that the world has ever seen. These are people who speak prophetically with their lives to the very substance of the idols that society has placed above all else. Our faith is ancient, it is counter to every culture that it encounters, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Take something as simple as starting your calendar on a Sunday instead of a Monday. What are you saying? You are saying, in your own little way, that the day Jesus was resurrected from the dead, is more important than the day that our society tells us is the first day of the week. You measure time by a different measure. That is revolutionary, and it points people to something far more important that anything that they might be chasing in life.

Noise and Speed

It seems that the world we inhabit today is obsessed with both noise and speed. Something must be loud, and it must be fast. Our internet must be fast, our food must be fast, our cars must be fast, our passage through school must be fast, our wealth must be acquired fast. If something is worth doing, knowing, having, it must be done, known, and obtained quickly. There is no pause for reflection, there is not room for silence, these things are often looked down on as ‘unproductive.’ But I want to suggest to you that the act of rebelling against this norm is not only productive, but will allow you to live a fuller life.

The Rebellious Unhurried Life

When we take time to do something, when we set aside time to stop for a second, to slow down, then we are speaking out a prophetic word to the people around us. I’m sure a lot of you have seen the photo of the old lady in the sea of cell phones, just contentedly present in the moment:

She is speaking a prophetic word to us all. And you all do the same when you take time to enjoy something that is not done at a million miles an hour. Being unhurried in life is a truly spiritual discipline, it is a skill that must be cultivated, it is a word that needs to be spoken out in the noise around us.

When I ended the last post, I noted that these disciplines will take time, and there is a reason for that, anything that is worth acquiring, that is worth giving your life to, will take time.

But it is worth it.

Think about it. Jesus has saved you, he has rescued you from the bondage of sin and death, he has liberated your life. If you are following him, then should you not spend the time to devote yourself to him. Should you not engage with him in a way that is like the time you spend with a good friend over a cup of coffee – unhurried?

I encourage you today to take time – be prophetic, show others what true matters by doing something out of the ordinary. Not hurrying.

Question: How can you work some unhurried time into your schedule?

Featured image credit:
Russ McCabe

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