Ecclesiastes (Death) – The Lazy Heretic Podcast Episode 10


Show Notes

The second part of our series on Ecclesiastes.

Last time we talked about time. This time we deal with the subject of ‘death’.

The only thing that is more depressing than the passing of time seems to be death.

Ecclesiastes 9:1-6

How depressing are these verses?
Death is the thing that happens to everyone. It comes to us all.

Ecclesiastes 9:10

This is why Tay loves Ecclesiastes so much. Because with all of the different aspects of life the author talks about, when he’s talking about Sheol, and they don’t have a huge concept of the afterlife. Only after Jesus do we have an idea of an afterlife, and forgiveness of sins.

We are able to turn to Ecclesiastes and say that all of this is true, but in Christ everything is made new. Jesus gives everything meaning.

Immortal soul – annihilationism. The idea of an immortal soul is from the Greek philosophical tradition. Maybe the biblical view is that we don’t have an immortal soul…?

We will find out when we die!

We are fortunate to live post-Jesus. We can look back and see prefiguring of Jesus, as the Early Church did.
Abraham and Isaac,
Serpent and Eve,

Put Jesus in the middle of the text and see how that changes the meaning of the text. While the book is depressing, it is pointing us away from these things. The author is dismantling the ways that we find meaning in life – ultimate meaning doesn’t come from wealth or doing the right things – it comes from finding meaning in God.

Fear God and keep his commandments.

Life is meant to be lived in light of God. Life doesn’t have meaning apart from relationship with God.

No one wishes that they worked harder. They always wish that they did the things that gave them relational meaning. The one person that we want to have a relationship with on our death bed is Jesus. We want to look back and say that our relationship with God gave our life meaning and purpose.

Tay clarifies his statement on the resurrection:
In general theological discussion, people always say that we are going to be resurrected.

Psalm 49:14-15
God has ransomed my soul. In light of Jesus that is what he said.

Ecclesiastes 3:21
Who knows where death takes you? It is open for speculation as to what that looks like, all the language is metaphor. Will there be animals in heaven? Is there Greytown?

Make it right now! Don’t get LEFT BEHIND.

Final Thoughts

Death has no power, because Jesus has all the power. ** Mic Drop **

When we are faced with death, we can look back and say that ‘My life was a life well lived.’

What are the words that you most want to hear?

Well done, good and faithful servant.

We want to make sure that this side of death we live as best we can.

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