Purgatory – The Lazy Heretic Podcast Episode 04


Show Notes

Not really a ‘hell’ thing, but worth discussing. It is part of Catholic Dogma, and so it is worth having a look at.

A place or condition of temporal punishment for those who have not payed the price for their sins.

A place where Christian souls go after their death to be cleansed of their sins that cannot be full satisfied during life.

First mention in the early church (Origen, Ambrose, Augustine.)

He who comes to be saved, comes to be saved through a fire that burns away sins and worldliness like lead, leaving behind only pure gold.

St Gregory, talks about the purging fire – there must be some cleansing fire for the minor sins that must be purged away.

We don’t have much idea about what it actually is!

  1. Mortal sin – straight to Hell for these ones – unforgivable.
  2. Minor sins – can be forgiven and taken away through penance.

A mediated faith. Mediated through the church and the priest.

St. Catherine:

As for paradise, God has placed no doors there. Whoever wishes to enter, does so. All-merciful God stands there with His arms open, waiting to receive us into His glory. I also see, however, that the divine presence is so pure and light-filled – much more than we can imagine – that the soul that has but the slightest imperfection would rather throw itself into a thousand hells than appear thus before the divine presence. Tongue cannot express nor heart understand the full meaning of purgatory, which the soul willingly accepts as a mercy the realization that that suffering is of no importance compared to the removal of the impediment of sin.

This is what happens to people who believe in Jesus, those who don’t go to Hell. They don’t get to the finish line in this life, so perfection is acquired in Purgatory.

Isaiah – 6:1-5
Daniel – Daniel 8:15-27
John – Revelation 1:12-20

No one is perfect up until the point that you die – therefore something has to continue afterwards to complete the process of perfection.

You can pay for your sins to be washed away?

Purgatory was hinted at early church, but came into being in the 13th Century.

Don’t forget The Lazy Heretic’s Reformation Party! October 31st 2017!!!

The payment of indulgences was used and sparked the reformation.

Not a place, rather a state of being, an instant purging commensurate with the amount of purging that is still required for them.

C.S. Lewis – The Great Divorce

People can move from Hell to Heaven – there is a changing from one state to another. Insubstantial shadow-ness has to be purged away.

“I believe in Purgatory.”
C.S. Lewis

Purgatory minimises the sacrifice of Jesus. However, we still do some of these habits – we still confess, but without the priest in between. Do you need to ask forgiveness? If your sins are already paid for, why do you need to confess?

Cheap grace?

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