Hellbound? The Lazy Heretic Podcast Episode 01


Show Notes

In this first episode we do a basic introduction to the podcast, introducing ourselves – how we came up with the name of the blog/podcast ‘The Lazy Heretic.’ We also talk about what the next few episodes are going to cover – the various different views on hell and what happens after we die:
1. Universalism
2. Annihilationism
3. Purgatory
4. Eternal Conscious Torment
5. A Lengthy Discussion on Our Own Views

We discuss why we decided to cover that particular topic, and how we are going to frame our discussion. Each of the episodes will put forward the different views that are covered by that particular week, and rather than us spending time critiquing each view we will simply put forward the strongest points for each view. We also talk about how we understand and see theology and the discussion of these issues.

Here are some links to the stuff that we talk about:
Love Wins by Rob Bell
Farewell Rob Bell Tweet by John Piper
God Is Still Holy And What You Learned In Sunday School Is Still True
Reviews of Hellbound?

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