The Church As I See Her

A little while ago I posted about why I believe in the Church. I want to talk about how I see the Church. That is, some of the more practical implications of why I think that the Church is the best people group to place our hope in, because they are the group of people through whom God has ordained His work to be carried out.

The question, I suppose, that needs to be answered is, “What is the work the Church is to be about?”

In one sentence: The Church exists to witness to Jesus.

That has been what the Church has been about since its inception. What is the first sermon that was preached in the book of Acts? It was a witness testimony by St Peter about the crucifixion of Jesus.

You could also ask the question – What should the Church NOT be doing?

The Church should not be forming political parties, and trying to grab power through different means – the time for that has passed, we had our chance and we proved that we cannot be trusted any more than anyone else! There are no ‘God’s men‘ in politics, God’s men are about doing God’s work – witnessing to Jesus, rather than imposing their views on others. They are loving their enemies, they are doing their best to live in peace with those around them, they are caring for their families, they are inviting others to join them on the journey of faith, of following Jesus, of paying forward all that He has done for us.

What else did the church in Acts do?

Witnessed to the risen Christ in the way that it treated the members of the body. There was ‘no need among them.’ What does this mean? It means that the Gospel is not a set of intellectual propositions, it is something that is lived out, and the message of Jesus covers the entirety of life.

The business of the Church is to be involved in preaching the message of the coming King, and the breaking in of His Kingdom here and now. That involves living a Kingdom life so that others can see what it means to come under the lordship of Jesus. It means inviting them in to that place, to share in that life. It means taking a risk to help those that we might not usually help.

The Church is the place where we have the resources to be able to do that, we can make a difference in this world AS THE CHURCH. We don’t need to get behind a political candidate when we can simply be about the work of transforming this world and proclaiming the Gospel. Take a look at the video below, I love the way that he describes what it’s like to work for the Church, and see the potential of all that we could be, IF we submit ourselves to the guiding of the Holy Spirit.


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