Habits to Form Habits

In the last series of posts on the blog I looked at how we might go about making our faith our own. I shared three things that we could do if we were really serious about wrestling with our faith to make it belong to us, to really own it. One was to actually put... Continue Reading →


Make your faith yours (Part 03)

Last time we looked at the second of three small habits that we might engage in to make our faith ours, the first being actually making a decision for ourselves that we were going to follow Jesus, and secondly, to read the Bible. Large chunks of it. Regularly.

Is Your Faith Yours?

A few weeks ago I heard some speakers say something that really resonated with me, and seems to be a theme in the lives of many of the people that I talk to - often we can struggle to make our faith our own. This is true especially if we grow up in a Christian... Continue Reading →

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