Why We Must Unplug

Here we pick up the first of the points raised in the previous blog post. The world that we live in today is both virtual and real. As Christians we must learn to navigate this wisely. There is a great potential for reaching out to others, and for sharing the Good News of Jesus with... Continue Reading →


Why We Must Be Silent

Speaking of being revolutionary and radical, and subversive in the way that we live our life, one of the most radical things that we can do is to be silent. Today, let’s examine what that might mean. To be silent in a world of noise. To listen in a world that wants people to hear... Continue Reading →

A How of Habits 03

One of the things that I hope you will have caught from these last few blog posts is the idea that in order to really grow and develop in our faith we need to slow down. Let me go on one of my notorious excursus here, and talk about why this is such an important... Continue Reading →

A How to of Habits 02

Lectio Divina (Part 02) Today we are looking at the last two parts of Lectio Divina a way of reading the Bible that attempts to take us into a deeper relationship with Jesus through our meditation on Scripture. Last time we looked at the first two principles of lectio divina - Lectio and Meditatio -... Continue Reading →

A How To of Habits 01

Having looked at two habits - Bible Reading and Prayer - that might help us to bring ourselves closer to God, or rather, to make our faith ours, I thought that we might want to take some time to explore other habits that could help us to connect with God. That is what this series... Continue Reading →

Habits to Form Habits

In the last series of posts on the blog I looked at how we might go about making our faith our own. I shared three things that we could do if we were really serious about wrestling with our faith to make it belong to us, to really own it. One was to actually put... Continue Reading →

Make your faith yours (Part 03)

Last time we looked at the second of three small habits that we might engage in to make our faith ours, the first being actually making a decision for ourselves that we were going to follow Jesus, and secondly, to read the Bible. Large chunks of it. Regularly.

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